What is Euro-Connection?

Euro-Connection is a custom European trip maker. From small groups to parties of one, you will work with specialists that have created over 10,000 custom packages over two decades. That experience combined with hotels, rail, car, transfers and sightseeing help you create your ideal trip while making the best use of your time and money.

How do I make a booking?

It’s easy. Just call us at 1-800-645-3876. There’s no phone tree, and you get through to a specialist right away. They can check hotel availability, car, rail, sightseeing and put together a package that will meet all of your needs. You can also email us at: sales@euro-connection.com

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What are the advantages of booking with you?

All of your land arrangements are under the care and guidance of our specialists. Removing any obstacles that can arise when trying to book hotels, rails, cars and sightseeing on your time schedule is important. Ensuring your valuable time is spent planning your ideal trip, and not on the nuts and bolts of booking it is also important. Coming back with memories that will last a lifetime is always our goal. In case your plans change along the way, it may be comforting to know there is a team that stands behind its product and is ready to help you.

Where are you located?

Our headquarters are based North of Seattle on beautiful Camano Island, Washington. Euro-Connection has transitioned to being a ‘remote-first’ company with staff maintaining offices in Seattle, Los Angeles, San Jose, and Houston.

What kind of hotels do you book?

Charming, modern, pensions, castles, you name it. With over 42,000 European hotels in allotment, your choices are almost endless. Based on your wishes, we match the right property for your location, style, and budget. No request is too big or too small. Small groups to parties of one are all welcome. Superior buying power means competitive rates, room categories, and available space that help you create any trip. From upscale deluxe; to small pension; countryside castles; to urban boutique.

Should I add rail tickets to my trip?

Relaxing, exciting, efficient, and rewarding are words that come to mind when taking a train in Europe. Get a front row seat and submerge yourself in a comfortable and modern way of traveling between your destinations.

Offering you a one stop destination for rail travel in Europe, combined with services of over 50 different rail companies means you get maximum choice and convenience. Dozens of European fast trains offer travel between cities that often beat inter-European flights in time and price. Planning your route and timing in advance means you can arrive with a pre-paid ticket and skip the ticket counter.


Benefits of booking a car?

Enjoy some of the most amazing driving trips in Europe. From the Romantik road in Germany to the Loire Valley area in France. Most of our routes won’t require long driving times and offer you the flexibility and freedom to roam around the country and explore locations that would otherwise be hard to reach.


Choose from the latest make and model, enjoy easy pick up and drop off procedures, and guaranteed low rates. With over 4,000 pick up and drop off locations in Europe, we can help make your trip smooth, easy, and enjoyable.

What does 'Private Travel' mean?

Private Travel is a customized trip for couples, families and friends that want to experience the ultimate in trip planning and special exploration. From behind the scenes museum visits, to specialty wine tastings and cooking classes. You want it, we build it. All of the details, from the moment you land, until the time you depart, are arranged according to your wishes. This is no worry trip handling.

How do private transfers work?

Nothing is more rewarding than having a private car and driver waiting for you after a long overseas flight. Stop lugging your suitcases around, navigating transportation schedules, or haggling with local taxi operators. This is where hassle free travel starts. Your options for transfers are limitless. Treat yourself to your own professional driver to get you to your cruise port, rail station, airport, or hotel. Ask us to include this in every trip you book. You won’t regret it.

Why can’t I book online?

You might not travel to Europe every year, but when you do, you want it done right and have the peace of mind your trip has been optimized for you and/or your group. It’s YOUR trip, and together we form a team. We listen to make sure your wishes match your experience. While we can work with you via email, our service is best utilized when we are working together to create the ideal experience

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