Price and availability for 2020 is excellent. The continued strong dollar means more travel for less money in Europe. Call us at 1-800-645-EURO (3876) or and let us book your ideal trip.


Quality. Detailed Travel Documents. Peace of Mind. Every travel package created receives the attention of professionals that have crafted over 10,000+ custom packages over 27 years.

When I needed a trip for a family of 7 from Naples to the Amalfi Coast with a tour of Pompeii along the way,  Euro-Connection came to the rescue.  Their suggestions were exactly what I needed and worked perfectly for the family. They also needed transportation back to Naples for their onward rail to Milan.  Again Euro-Connection worked their magic.  Thanks to them, this family praised their great journey to Italy.  It was a once in a life time trip for the Parents to give to their young adult offspring.

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